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1Sara Tonin

Sara Tonin

Sara Tonin, a recent single which has received decent airplay, has a punk feel to the intro giving a slight edge to this basically indie track. And what fine indie it is. By now the first-time listener has just about got past Robbie McNichol’s vocals and has begun to appreciate the great way the rest of the band pull together. With Jamie Mackay bringing really outstanding guitars to the mix, drums from Connor Wilson, bass from Max Paul and Robbie McNichol’s rhythm guitar, the band are quite a special proposition.

Louder Than War

Sara Tonin Official Video


Night out your tempting me again
I can’t stay away from your scent
I’m trying not to text again
But I’m fucked and I just can’t help but send

And your wearing clothes that you bought just for tonight
And your top shop crop top tied
Sara Tonin stole the moment
piss me off but I love it all too much
I’m addicted , afflicted to touch
I’m kinda getting the feeling seasick
I’m writing songs just to get you off my mind

The kitchen to have a fag again
I just know what I wanna do
Cause your lying through your fringe again
You expect me to believe that I’m your 10

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