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Smalltown Syndrome

“Smalltown Syndrome”

Released MARCH 18TH 2022

Small Town Syndrome

I had a dream I was really stoned
I woke in the morning to a cloud of smoke
Push and shuv but it goes to show that
Anything I see don’t matter to me
I can’t get rid of my small town syndrome
I’m climbing a mountain with high heels on
I can’t help but to choose temptation
I tried to digress, but I’m too switched on
You know I love to feel at home
But home is where I feel my small town syndrome grow

Don’t bite the hand that’s all
Dodge that cannonball
And if you don’t
Watch it fall like a domino

Black hair with the Chelsea boots
You’re feeling pretty good but your jaw is loose
Telling tales your a one hit wonder
The secrets you keep from your local sweep
You try, whatever helps you sleep at night too bright white so up tight
I know through glitz n glory
It’s the same old story
I’m too old for this


Shoot me down
Find your feet
Tell me the secrets
you’re dying to keep
Cause everything you want now
Ain’t everything you need
Small town syndrome
You’re playing with me
See the dominoes fall
How bout I owe you nothing at all
Small town syndrome

Lyrics: R McNicol