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A western style tune about pushing forward and staying true to yourself with lyrics “I will not conform”, makes “Inhaler” a great example of how far the band have come in their short career. It begins with an upbeat and hard-hitting intro which then dives into very Arctic Monkey like vocals. The bass and drums melody giving us a cowboy-esque rhythm and the guitars delivering us a catchy a toe-tapping hook that brings you into the world of Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained or the world of Red Dead Redemption

Inhaler is the third single released from the album and will be hoping to attract the same level of interest received by Bluetooth and Sara Tonin.

The track starts off with a drum intro before a rollicking guitar riff which sets me in mind of a Western movie, and horses galloping across the Wild West. It’s catchy as hell and really hooks you into the track, it’s good old fashioned Indie Rock, with the huge hooks and great melodies.

I struggled lyrically with this one, purely because I couldn’t quite make out some of the words. I did like the words which were along the lines “in my head it’s just a losing game, but animosity….mind game, I have been told it’s slightly hard to win, so I like to swing with my chest….”.

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Inhaler is a really good track, great riff and melody and the boys have a bit of fun with the last thirty seconds of the track, where they unleash the guitars and drums for the outro, this will have the mosh pits going bananas !!!

Forgetting the Future are definitely a band that should be on your radar, hopefully once the lockdown restrictions ease they will be able to bring their brand of Indie Rock to a venue near you, my recommendation would be get your tickets bought, don’t miss out.
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I ain’t never meant to let you down but all tyrants have to fall sometimes

I’d like to just reframe from all, but that’s an attitude I’ve learned to keep clear

When the oxygen you brew the is thin

Retrogress yourself and just keep easy

you just dilute me I won’t conform

In my head it’s just a losing game

But animosity is just a kind game

I’ve been told to study hard to win

So I light this flame with my test sheet

Your opinion it isn’t fact

Retrogress yourself and just keep easy

You just dilute me I won’t conform

I wish I just didn’t think at all I wish I just didn’t think at all

Retrogress yourself from what you’re thinking

Retrogress your self retrogress yourself